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The new PPJ 3.4 update has 100's of new panels and instruments. Please download the Excel spreadsheets. Hundreds of hours were spent reworking older panels to bring out more detail. Instrument manufacturers added like Lonestar that represent new, important auxiliary avionics and more smaller aircraft manufacturers' panel added.

Special Offer
This program is FREE with any avionics/instrument order over $7,500.00 when ordering through our panel builder website.

Order this program now, start building your panel, and receive a credit upon placing your avionics order on the panel builder website, just reference your invoice number.

Click here to visit the panel builder website

Panel Planner software gives you the power to design and build instrument panels in record time. Simply drag full-color, photo-realistic instruments, avionics, and cockpit controls into place on an air- craft panel template or photograph. Panel Planner tracks total cost, weight, & peak current, generates an equipment list, & prints actual-size hole-cutting templates and color mock-ups.

Click here to see system requirements.

Once purchased, you can email for an instant copy sent via email while your CD is being shipped.

  • View 1600 instruments on 600 aircraft panels
  • Outputs DXF files for CNC, laser/water jet
  • Updates over the internet
  • Full-size cutting template printouts
  • Measurement and alignment tools
  • Edit existing or create new panel templates
  • Multiple zoom and magnification levels
  • Actual-size color prints from desktop printers