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 Landing Gear - Wheel and Brake Kits - Cleveland - Beechcraft
Important Note: Image is for reference only. Individual components may vary by kit.

Cleveland Wheel & Brake Conversion Kit 199-73.


Hawker Beechcraft Corporation
58P, 58TC, 60, A60, B60
Description Part No. Price Buy
CLEV WHEEL & BRAKE KIT 199-73199-73$3750.00
Accessories Part No. Price Buy
CLEV MAIN WHEEL # 40-97A40-97A$923.00
CLEV BRAKE ASSY #30-63A30-63A$658.00
CLEV BUSHING # 145-01000145-01000$20.85
40-75B CLEV WHEEL06-40752$1013.00
CLEV BRAKE ASSY # 30-5230-52$894.00
Similar Items Part No. Price Buy
CLEV CONV KIT # 199-60A199-60A$1877.00
199-64 CLEVELAND WHEEL & BRAKE KIT199-64$5195.00
CLEV WHEEL & BRAKE KIT 199-76199-76$4560.00
CLEV CONVERSION KIT 199-69199-69$2839.00
199-124 CLEV WHEEL & BRAKE KIT199-124$2353.00
CLEVE CONV KT 199-0870199-87$2552.00
CLEV CONV KIT 199-123199-123$8995.00
CLEVE CONV KIT 199-124C199-124C$2825.00
CLEV CONV KIT 199-90199-90$8503.00