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The FC-10 fuel computer fits into a 2.25 inch instrument hole, and can provide a wealth of information to the pilot. The unit provides information on how much fuel has been burned, how much is still on board, the endurance at the current engine power, and even has a low fuel annunciator that comes in when fuel level falls to the point the pilot. The fuel computer can be quickly calibrated to calculate at gallons, liters, kg, or imperial gal. The compact unit uses a fuel flow transducer that is attached to the fuel line at the fuel manifold on the engine. The unit has an appropriate serial output that will allow its fuel data to be exported to most LORAN and GPS systems. This makes them more powerful flight management tools by allowing them to access the onboard fuel info. Twin engine pilots wil need a second unit, the FT-10. It monitors the second engine & provides that information to the FC-10 for pilot display. The twin installation requires two 2.25" holes one for each monitor. The FT-10 monitors the fuel flow to the second engine, and sends information to the FC-10 that monitors the total fuel used and the total fuel on board. The FC-10 system is STCd as the primary fuel instrument on all Bonanza and Debonair aircraft except Turbo Bonanzas after 1981. The FC-10/FT-10 system is STCd for the same function in all 55 and 58 Barons, the Duke series and the Twin Bonanza.
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