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Tempest Oil Filters feature a MAGNETIC secondary filtration system that attracts steel particles too small to be caught in the filter media

The new filter has all the features which have made the Tempest oil filter so popular, including the magnetic secondary filtration system, the by-pass valve PC housing and higher burst pressure.

Product Specifications
  • OEM Supplier to Robinson TCM
  • Full Can Thickness: .019"
  • Base Plate Thickness: .187"
  • Burst Pressure: 700 psi
  • Media Size for -2 Filters (48103-2,48108-2, 48110-2): 311 sq. in
  • Media Size for Tall Filters (48104, 48109, 48111): 460 sq. in.
Description Part No. Buy
6 Pack
Tempest AA48103-2 S/O Oil Filter08-01266$19.70 $107.95
Tempest AA48104 S/O Oil Filter08-01267$19.50 $110.75
Tempest AA48108-2 S/O Oil Filter08-01268$19.55 $107.95
Tempest AA48109 S/O Oil Filter08-01269$19.85 $107.95
Tempest AA48110-2 S/O Oil Filter08-01270$18.80 $107.95
Tempest AA48111 S/O Oil Filter08-01271$18.80 $110.80
Tempest AA48162 S/O Oil Filter (Cessna 162 LSA)08-48162$20.80 --