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M-20 300A
The M-20 Air/Oil Separators for crankcase breathers have set the performance standards for aviation. A simple performance test for any separator is to fill the engine oil to the full mark and take a 2 hour flight. Only with the M-20 will the oil still read full with none blown out on the belly. This difference makes them preferred over all others. Only the M-20 Separators carry FAA approval for all 1600 makes and models of certified piston aircraft from 45 hp to 950 hp. They are also applicable to all homebuilts and foreign made aircraft with similar power.

No vacuum pump connection is used, since the addition of as little as 1/16 PSI will make a new engine perform like it is run-out. M-20's vent the crankcase pressure and use only gravity for returning the oil.

On the -A models the direction is away from the inlet. The -A's generally favor Lycoming, Franklin and radials.

M-20 300B
On the "B" model the oil tube faces in the same general direction as the breather inlet. It is preferred for Continental. Becasue of the blank side witht he "B" configuration, this model may be mounted either against the firewall or in-line.

A/C Type: Standard
Typical Airplane Models: 45 to 315 hp
Made in the USA.
M-20 300A08-00182