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AK-550 is a FAA TSO'd approved Regulated DC to DC Power Booster Converter. It transforms an unregulated input from a 12 Vdc to a regulated 28 Vdc output to a bootstrap mode. It may be installed
in a pressurized area, controlled or non-controlled temperature at altitudes up to 55,000 feet. It's locations include Electrical/Avionic equipment rack, behind or beneath aircraft panel, or cabin pressure
bulkhead. Installation is extremely simple. All necessary Accessories are provided, including mating MS connector plug and MS cable clamp.

FAA TSO-C71 approved.
Designed to meet STD - 810 D /704 Cat C / 461C / 202 C ; MIL-T-5422F CI 1A .

  • Input= + (9.0-16.1)Vdc.
  • Output= + 28 Vdc Regulated Fixed.
  • Output Current of 12 Amp.Continuously.
Description Part Number Price Buy
AK-550-6 POWER BOOSTER 12 AMP11-01453$734.00
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