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Major Airlines:
PTI supplies the landing gear coatings for all major airlines.
Patriot Missile Project:
PTI protective coatings are used on the fins and circuit board guidance systems.
Vintage Aircraft:
PTI will match your colors (even if your colors are no longer in use).
Space Shuttle Challenger
PTI is the exclusive source for protective coatings used in interior & cargo holds.
An industry breakthrough...offered exclusively through us!
High Tech Formulations Guarantee Beauty,
Protection, and Performance

PTI Covers John McCain's Plane

PTI Paint was used for John McCain's Presidential plane. The aircraft was painted at Hamilton Aerospace in Tucson, Arizona.

New Partnership
Announcing the new partnership bringing you specialty paint normally reserved for the aerospace, space and major airline industries. These specialty formulations are now available for you...only from us.

"With 58 years of experience, PTI’s specialty paint and protective coatings are featured in space, aerospace, and aviation projects throughout the world. Enjoy this advanced quality on your personal aircraft”

"When We say Everything for Airplanes, it’s true! In fact, we will only offer our product line exclusively through our store - you won’t be able to get these formulations anywhere else”
-Jim Irwin
Our President
-Steven D.Andrews
PTI President

Products Techniques, Inc. (PTI)

Products Techiques, Inc. (PTI) was founded in 1947 specifically to serve the aviation industry. PTI has more than 50 years of experience in laboratory controlled formulation, testing, manufacturing and processing of advanced materials protection coatings. And, our products are listed in more than 50 major aerospace or defense contractor customer specifications and meet or exceed numerous DOD, MIL, MIS, FAA, ORD, Federal (TT) and customer specifications. When you use a PTI coating to protect and beautify your private aircraft, you are using the same products that the military, commercial airlines and aerospace companies have relied upon for years. It is said that “a company is known by the customers it keeps.” We are proud to include among our most valued, and tenured, aerospace and aviation customers such fine companies as:

• Raytheon • Hawker Pacific Aerospace • Lockheed/Martin • GE Caledonian • Boeing • Baker Oil and Tool • United Space Alliance • Aerojet • Sundstrand Aviation • GE Engine Services • Fiat Avio • Olympic Aviation • United Airlines

PTI has compiled the most frequently asked questions in PDF format, please take the time to look through the questions and their responses. You’ll discover the secrets to PTI Specialty Paint & Protective Coatings. These professional recommendations will help you achieve high quality, beauty, protection and performance for your personal aircraft.

These samples are an approximate computer representation of the actual color and are to be used for reference only.

Maximum Beauty, Protection & Performance


PTI’s Paint Removers are specially formulated to compliment their specialty paints and primers.


PTI’s Solvents and Reducers are specially formulated to compliment their specialty paints and primers.


PTI’s Air Dry Wash Primer
is a polyvinyl butyral zinc chromate formulation that may be used to prime all plain or plated metallic surfaces. Priming surfaces with this primer will ensure maximum adhesion of all bake or air-dry finish coats (including lacquer finish coats). The finely ground emulsions of zinc chromate pigment, resins and phosphoric acid hardeners are virtually non-settling. Once applied, PTI’s air dry wash primer requires no sanding. For the best results follow the instructions on the technical data sheet. This primer exceeds the performance standards specified in Department of Defense specification (DOD) 15328 and Military Specification MIL-8514.


PTI’s Epoxy Primer
is a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) epoxy polyamide solvent primer which conforms to the military specification MIL-P-23377 Rev. E. This formulation has been tested by the U.S. Government and is on the Federal Government’s “Qualified Products List.” This coating is highly recommended for use on aluminum and all plated or unplated metallic surfaces to insure maximum protection against corrosion. This primer may be used as an interior or exterior primer that insures maximum adhesion of any paint or lacquer finish coats. In laboratory tests, PTI’s epoxy primer maintained its integrity when subjected to the following chemical and other resistance properties tests:

Lubricating Oil 24 hour immersion @ 250F

No defects

Full Chemical Resistance after

7 days

Hydraulic Fluid 24 hour immersion @ 150F

No defects

Salt Spray per ASTM B117

1000+ Hours

Methyl Ethyl Ketone-Soaked Cloth 100+rubs


Humidity (Filiform)

1000+ Hours

DS2 (1,5-Dichloropentane)


NOTE: Before applying, refer to the technical data sheet for this product.


PTI’s Zinc Chromate Primer
is formulated to exceed the performance standards in the Federal Specification TT-P-1757. This primer promotes maximum adhesion to bare aluminum and steel and is recommended for that purpose. PTI’s zinc chromate primer is a formulation proven to perform.


PTI’s Zinc Oxide Primer
is formulated to exceed the performance standards in the Federal Specification TT-P-1757 (the chromate free version of that specification). This primer promotes maximum adhesion to bare aluminum and steel and is recommended for that purpose. PTI’s zinc oxide primer is formulated to provide a high performance primer that is considered a safer, more environmentally friendly, alternative to the zinc chromate primer.


PTI’s Enamel is formulated to meet the performance specifications of Federal specification TT-E-489G. This product is a high quality alkyd enamel which performs best when used with PTI’s zinc chromate or chromate free primer. It may be applied over wood or metal and is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.


PTI’s Polyurethane Catalyst
is a two component catalyst cure aliphatic polyurethane which meets, and exceeds, MIL-PRF-85285C Type 1 & 2. When mixed and reduced according to PTI's instructions, topcoat will conform to most of California's air pollution rules and regulations including SCAQMD rules 1107 and 1124.