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Portable Attitude Indicator with Integrated GPS and ADS-B receiver

The iLevil series thrives to satisfy the demand of our customers from both fields, General Aviation and Light Sport Aviation, for an all-in-one lightweight and affordable solution with the same reliability of our industry proven AHRS-G series. The iLevil series was designed from the ground up to be able to integrate multiple platforms into a small and powerful system, saving you space time and money trying to integrate the latest technology in aviation.

Note: Certified General Aviation aircraft are not allowed to modify their pitot static system, therefore model SW is recommended.

Improved AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)
We are proud to be pioneers at developing the first and only iPad-compatible AD-AHRS that revolutionized the way we fly, the AHRS-G mini. With its incredibly low profile, it made it easy for pilots to have a back-up AI solution in their pockets at all times, even drive Synthetic Vision apps on the iPhone. Technology advances during the past year allowed us to go even smaller and develop the AHRS-G micro, which eventually will be embedded on the iLevil. The G-micro features higher rate of turns than the G-mini, which facilitates Acrobatic-type maneuvers. Unlike other portable AHRS currently in the market, our systems are GPS independent, thus if you loose GPS signal, you can still rely on our AHRS.

ADS-B receiver & WAAS GPS
Thanks to the FAA efforts to enhance flight safety, monitoring the weather and other airplanes around you is now possible without any subscription. All iLevil devices have a built-in GPS and 978 MHz ADS-B receiver that will capture the following data:
Flight Information Services–Broadcast (FIS-B): Is the ground-to-air broadcast of meteoro-logical and aeronautical information. FIS-B allows the pilot to passively collect and display real-time weather and other operational data such as METAR, TAF, NOTAMs etc.

Traffic Information Services-Broadcast (TIS-B): Is the broadcast of traffic information to ADS-B-equipped aircraft from ADS-B ground based transceivers. For an aircraft to receive TIS-B services, the following conditions must exist:
Your aircraft (or an aircraft within range) must be equipped with an ADS-B OUT and be able to receive the UAT data on (978 MHz).
The aircraft must fly within the coverage volume of a compatible ground station that is configured for TIS-B uplinks.
The target aircraft must be within the coverage of, and detected by, at least one of the ATC radars serving the ground station in use. Air-To-Air Traffic: Is the traffic broadcasted by other ADS-B Out equipped aircraft on 978 MHz

WiFi , Internal Li-Po battery, USB-DB9 charger
Like the AHRS-G mini, the iLevil offers WiFi capabilities which makes it compatible with WiFi enabled devices. The internal battery was replaced from Li-ion Polymer to Li-ion with a hard shell and more capacity to account for: 1. More power consumption due to ADS-B and GPS integration. 2. Constant sun exposure. Unlike the AHRS-G mini, the iLevil can be installed on the dashboard (during flight) for better GPS reception and to automatically charge the battery with the integrated photovoltaic cell (solar panel).

Charging of the instrument is also possible through USB or the DB9 connector on the iLevil SW (just like the AHRS-G mini). However, the USB charging capability is not available on model AW since these models require power directly from the main bus (8-32V) through the DB9. All devices have the remote battery-switch option found in the AHRS-G mini, very convenient on power failure situations.