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Available in December 2009

Remote Touch Screen Display

  • Sunlight readable, glass-on-glass touch display
  • Ruggedized metal enclosure
  • Multi-input capabilities: touch, pen,
  • buttons, avionics-style rotary dial
  • Integrated dual USB ports
  • Remote CPU power control

Modular Mobile Computing Platform

  • Integrated ARS/GPS with barometric air data sensor
  • Integrated Synthetic Vision/EFB software
  • Modular expansion bay
  • High-altitude capability
  • Small footprint
  • Internal preheating
  • Satellite weather/traffic options
Synthetic Vision – Improving Situational Awareness
Situational awareness is essential to the safety of IFR navigation, and today’s electronic flight bag (EFB) solutions are quickly becoming common place in the modern cockpit. The AV8OR Vision 3D System is equipped with built-in 3D Synthetic Vision and IFR approach plates, with optional satellite weather and 3D traffic. With the addition of Synthetic Vision, pilots now have a comprehensive cockpit tool to reduce pilot workload and provide a backup to
certified navigation systems.
AV8OR Vision 3D system has been developed by pilots, for pilots, to deliver an advanced, cost-effective Synthetic Vision solution to increase situational awareness and improve flight safety.
Synthetic Vision Technology
Flying in instrument conditions requires skill and constant proficiency training. One of the most demanding tasks for the pilot is maintaining both positional and situational awareness. Synthetic vision technology is poised to revolutionize IFR flight, dramatically reduce pilot workload and increase flight safety. By combining both positional and situational data, the pilot can be presented with a realistic and accurate representation of the view through the aircraft windshield. The key is that the synthetic view is unaffected by the conditions of the world outside. It may be dark and raining outside, but it’s always VFR on the Synthetic Vision display.
Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS) integrate data from terrain databases, GPS positional data and solid-state gyroscopic attitude sensors, presenting graphical 3D representations on high-resolution monitors. The SVS shows a three-dimensional, realistic representation of the landscape as if on a clear day – in any weather and at any time of day or night. Even though the aircraft may be miles out in solid IMC, the pilot can clearly “see” the runway on the SVS.
A Complete Cockpit Information System

The AV8OR Vision 3D system is an affordable, intuitive, cockpit information solution that provides ultimate situational awareness. During flight, AV8OR Vision 3D generates and displays dynamic, realistic, synthetic 3D imagery, showing a cockpit-like view regardless of external conditions. You can use it to plan your route, download weather forecasts, save your flight plan, and more.

Advanced Features:
  • True 3D Synthetic Vision
  • 3D emergency guidance to nearest airport
  • 2D moving maps with high-resolution terrain
  • Split-screen 3D/2D option
  • “Touch and see” moving map
  • “Touch and drag” map panning
  • Terrain awareness warning system view (TAWS)
  • Built-in flight planning
  • DUATS flight plan importing
  • FAA approach plates
  • Built-in barometric altitude option
  • Satellite weather option
  • Traffic avoidance option
  • Automatic preheating capability for colder climates
  • Built in notepad for fast copying of clearances
The AV8OR Vision 3D Cockpit Information System is the most advanced SVS capable electronic flight bag (EFB) solution available to the sector today. The crystal-clear glass Remote Touch Screen Display is designed with the latest avionics-style buttons and dials, and offers unprecedented graphics capabilities. Position information is provided by a state-of-the-art ARS/GPS built-in Attitude Reference System (ARS) with WAAS GPS and Solid-State Barometric pressure sensor, driving the revolutionary AV8OR Vision 3D Synthetic Vision System for a completely independent, battery backup, and situational awareness display.
Integrated Technologies
WxWorx XM® Satellite Weather Unit
The XM Satellite Weather Unit provides near real-time NEXRAD weather data, TAFs, METARS, TFRs, and NOTAM information, which are essential to improving the pilot’s decision-making. The receiver can be integrated with the AV8OR Vision 3D system via USB.
Depending on XM weather data subscription, the following information
is available:
NEXRAD: Freezing levels
METARs/TAFs: Lightning
Winds aloft: Cloud tops

Zaon XRX PCAS™ Traffic Detection
The Zaon XRX Portable Collision Avoidance System (PCAS) is the world’s first and only standalone portable device to sense aircraft direction from within the cockpit. By integrating data from XRX, AV8OR Vision 3D displays 2D quadrant bearing, distance, and altitude information, as well as the world’s first portable 3D Traffic View. The receiver can be integrated with the AV8OR Vision 3D system via USB.

Download coverage map in pdf.

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AV8OR VISION 3D WITH HHD 11-07012Call For Pricing
AV8OR VISION 3D WITH SSD 11-07013Call For Pricing
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Accessory Kit Includes: ICD-800 VISION Display Mount, VISION ACU Mount, VISION ACU DC Adapter cable 12ft, & VISION ACU AC Power Supply 11-07021Call For Pricing
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