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These pleated paper aircraft induction air filters are manufactured where strict quality control standards are enforced at all stages of manufacture. The filters feature aluminum frames and cured pleated elements. Rubber gaskets are water, oil solvent and chemical resistant. Mesh overlays are galvanized steel or aluminum for enhanced strength, durability and appearance.

Not FAA approved at this time.
PN Cessna
Equivalent PN
Aircraft Type Price Buy
08-00000C294510-0201Cessna 150$117.75
08-00001C294510-0301Cessna 172$98.75
08-00002C294510-0401Cessna 172$123.75
08-00003C294510-0501Cessna 172 RG Cutlass$116.75
08-00004C294510-0601Cessna 177$134.75
08-00005C294510-0801Cessna P210$153.99
08-00006C294510-0901Cessna 182RG$148.90
08-000070750038-4Cessna 182$134.90
08-000081250704-3 (Port)Cessna 206$214.95
08-000091250704-4 (Stb)Cessna 207$241.95
08-000101250846-1Cessna T206 & T210$182.75
08-00011C294510-0501Cessna 337$134.85
08-000129910018-1Cessna T310R$136.75
08-000139910018-2Cessna 310N, P, Q, T310P, T310Q$121.85
08-000149910200-1Cessna 310R$147.75
08-000159910141-1Cessna 414 Series$147.75
08-000169913001-1 (108)Cessna 402 Late Model$154.75
08-00026125685-004Mooney M20K$145.75
08-00028560-772Piper Tomahawk$109.75
08-00029124997-005Piper Navajo/Chieftain (PA31)$116.75
08-0003013681-02Piper Tri-Pacer (PA22)$130.75
08-00031560-947Piper Saratoga (PA32-301T)$195.75
08-00032125196Piper Turbo Aztec (PA23)$146.75
08-00033CA161Piper PA28 & 32 Series (PA 36 Pawnee) (PA 34 Seneca)$119.75
08-00034CA162Piper PA32 & PA23$122.75
08-0003535477-00Piper PA28-161$105.75
08-00036CA122Piper Super Cub (PA18)$124.75
08-00018P10-5304Beech 36$129.90
08-00019P12-7996 (121128-2) TE946 thru TE1078 TH1 thru TH740Beech 58$109.75
08-00020P12-8219 (122601)Beech 55$99.75
08-00021P10-8700Duke B60$108.75
08-00022P12-4439 (50-389070-23)P Baron (58P)$120.99
08-00023P12-8167 (96-389005-1) TE1079 & after TE741 & afterBeech E55 & 58 Late Model$125.75